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The Front Range Odor Removal System completely eliminates funky odors at their source. We never use air fresheners or masking agents in our odor removal process, we offer a complete odor removal & indoor air quality reset for your home or business.
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Real Estate

Fix the smell before you sell. We offer a complete home reset for indoor air quality and odor.

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Cigarettes & Tobacco

There is nothing more offensive to a non-smoker than the smell of cigarettes saturating a home, apartment, hotel room or vehicle.

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The truth is that marijuana odors permeates into our furniture, carpets, walls, windows, and just about every other nook and cranny in our homes, making it difficult to eliminate.

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Auto / RV

When customers examine a vehicle, particularly a pre-owned car or truck, the most basic expectation is that they will detect no trace of the previous owner.

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Pet Odors

Rodent infestation? Pets in you home? Your nose quickly gets acclimated to pet smells, but just because you don’t notice the smell doesn’t mean that guests won’t notice!

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Smoke odor is a pervasive and stubborn odor that lingers long after the flames have been put out.

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Cooking Odors

Curry, burnt food and other cooking odors can be stubborn to remove. We know exactly how to make them disappear!

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Musty Odors

A musty odor in your basement can spread and eventually affect other areas of your home.

Our 4-Step Process

Odor elimination always follows these four simple steps.

#1 Find The Source

Where is that smell coming from? If it's a dead pest or an opening to a sewer, it must be closed.

#2 Remove The Source

Seal it. Trash it. Bury it. Before deodorizing it's important to stop the source.

#3 Deodorize

We use two highly effective systems, depending on the unique needs of your job.

#4 Freshen & Clean

Our products dissipate simply by opening the windows. In areas with poor airflow we can help with industrial fans that quickly ventilate the area.

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Common Questions

Yes, our products are safe for pets and humans; however, you should not be in the same room while the product is working. There is no residue or lingering odor that will cause harm to animals or humans.

The technology is able to generate and release a nontoxic chlorine dioxide, or ClO2, vapor into any confined area. This release of the nontoxic chlorine dioxide vapor penetrates deeply into any porous material, removing the odors.*

Instead of trapping particles like activated charcoal or carbon filters do, our odor eliminator for homes, vehicles, and facilities breaks up odors at the molecular level. This makes it the most effective odor neutralizer. Odor molecules are oxidized, meaning electrons are removed from reactive molecules, rendering them inactive so your room smells fresh and clean.

Our products can be used to remove odors of all types in homes, schools, hotels, and motels. They are also used by realtors and owners of apartment buildings, commercial buildings, warehouses, restaurants, bars, cabins, marinas, health care facilities, gyms, etc. Our odor eliminators are effective in locker rooms, basements, and restrooms as well.

No, our product is not flammable in any way.

Ozone blasting treatments not only eliminate bad odors but they also target airborne allergens, pathogens and VOCs which improves the indoor air quality. Those with allergies or respiratory issues will likely benefit from having their indoor air purified, though immediately after the treatment may experience respiratory sensitivities. If this is a concern, please mention at time of booking and allow for a longer air-out process.

No, our product evaporates into a basic saltwater solution leaving no residue whatsoever.


Ozone is a highly effective treatment for many odor-causing microbes. An ozone molecule works by transferring its third oxygen molecule to the odor molecule. It completely removes the smell from the odor-causing molecule. This reaction is called oxidation. It essentially changes the odor-causing molecule to a completely different compound. This is why ozone treatments are so effective. They don’t simply mask or cover up the odor, but they completely eliminate them.

While ozone is successful in removing pungent smells from carpet, curtains, furniture, and more, it can pose a threat to living organisms. When inhaled, it can cause damage to the lungs as well as chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath, and irritation. When ozone reacts with plants, it produces a toxin that can cause physical damage, disrupt the plant respiration process, and hinder photosynthesis.

When we treat homes, we take extra precautions to ensure you and your family are safe during the treatment process. First, we ask that you do not enter your home while treatment is underway. Second, you need to remove all pets and plants from your home. Lastly, it’s good practice to wait and enter your home at least two hours after the ozone treatment. This will ensure there are no physical side effects to you or your family.


There is often a leftover faint smell of ozone the first couple weeks following a treatment. Past clients have enjoyed this smell and describe it as clean & fresh smell, similar to that after a lightning storm or after the rain. The ozone smell will continue to fade over time.

Client Testimonials

"The interior wildfire smoke odor was terrible and all my home remedy steps to alleviate were unsuccessful. He treated it with his fogger process in mid morning and by late afternoon he successfully got the odor out."
Marian B
"Dyarl did an excellent job with our Jeep vehicle that sat in a parking lot through the Louisville fire. He was very patient with my many questions and I appreciate his honesty and forthrightness."
Sandy E
“Dyarl did a first class job. He came in and used chlorine dioxide and it has a clean fresh odor now the noxious smell is gone. He did what he said he would. Rare these days."
Pat P

Serving The Colorado Front Range

We love Colorado!! And we regularly travel across the Front Range from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. We head east to the state line and even as far west as Grand Junction. 

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